Curso MacMillan-PIBLEA Aragón- Sesión 1

Just as a little reminder of what the session was about. Obviously, you’ve got Harriet’s handout, which is by far much better than this. But if you’d like to see some of your artwork as well…

SESSION 1: HARRIET THOMPSON (Blending Arts and Crafts with Science)


1. What do you expect from today’s session?

2.Name badge + Stickers:
Take a piece of paper
Fold the paper in half
 Your name badge will tell me about your personality
3. In pairs or threes, visit the art gallery. What connections can you make between the artworks and Science?
image image
In every subject, you need to connect one subject to another. (Children don’t compartmentalise)
Pulling from all areas of the curriculum
Quiz-a race (in groups)
Gather yourselves and make teams
UK- staging:
Beginning stage
Middle stage
End stage (staging the Art lesson)
ask him questions (S1 is Miro, S2 is the interviwer)
Shout out the colours
image image
  • Do you like the picture?
  • How does it make you feel?
(Shapes are two-dimensional
Forms are three-dimensional)
A spying hole
look through the spying hole (Miro’s picture)..,,paint the detail you see through the hole
Stick your detail on a white board….collage
Miró or not Miró? (Decide if the pictures are by Miró, or not by Miró)—-Wave your arms one way or the other
Why did you say Miró or not Miró?
Photographs of animals in natural habitats
  • Lion
  • Chameleon
  • Frog
  • Shark
  • Crab
  • Spider
Divide the piece of paper, write vertebrates/ invertebrates
Your team must remember the names, and divide them into vertebrates/ invertebrates
(Check pronunciation and stress of words)
image image
Put 5 more animals in the vertebrate side of the wall, 5 more in invertebrate
Teacher shouts out the number of the group, one student from the group has to say a vertebrate or invertebrate animal.
Which animal…
  • has dots?
  • has a primary colour?
  • is symmetrical?
  • is bright?
  • is soft?
  • is rough to touch?
  • has a pattern?
  • would Miró like to paint?
Draw an snimal in the style of Miro
It has to be bright and colourful
(Remember to play music in the background)
Have another activity up your sleeve for fast finishers:  for instance, lift up the paper, and there’s a secret message
(More instructions…put more colours, draw more lines, draw a baby for the animal…)
My Miró picture:  do a display (even if it’s just for an hour or a day, it’s worth doing it)
Shared writing: a separate piece of paper
The teacher starts the sentence: my Miró animal is a …
Swap descriptions, and look for the animal on the wall. Stick description next to it
As a group, then, decide:
  • Which is the most colourful?
  • Which is he most similar to Miro?
  • (Thumbs up because…)
What have you learnt today?
(Move around and ask studendts)


and remember: Every child is an artist (Picasso)

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