European Survey on Language Competences (ESLC)

Lots of food for thought in this survey…

European Survey on Language Competences (ESLC)

Within the framework of the Special Eurobarometer 243 (64.3), Europeans and their languages (2006), 28,694 citizens of EU member states were asked about their experiences of and views on multilingualism. As for the everyday situation of following foreign programmes or films in their original version the data of this Eurobarometer show that in countries where subtitles are commonly used the vast majority of those polled prefer to watch foreign films and programmes in the original language. This is how 94% of Swedish and Danish and 93% of Finnish respondents answered. The Spanish, together with the French, Germans and Czechs, are among those who reject, with the highest average percentage (73%), the option of following foreign programmes and films in their original version with the help of subtitles. The study suggests that the use of subtitles can encourage and facilitate language learning.

Spanish students, who make up a sample of 2,950 individuals, are those who least practice English outside the classroom when talking with their families, listening to the radio, watching TV shows or movies in this language, or reading magazines, newspapers or books in English, and when travelling abroad.

Study on the Use of Subtitling (2011)

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