Brexit in the classroom

As you know, the UK is holding a vote on June 23rd to decide whether they want to remain in the EU, or leave it. The potential exit of the UK from the EU (a “Brexit”) might be a topic to be dealt with in the classroom, from many perspectives: cultural, historical, geographical, economic… You may find some related resources below:

  • BBC radio London: 10 things Brits love about Europe

Source for the item:

Over to you: make a list of the ten things you love about Europe / about Britain (reach an agreement in your group). Then, make a vote with the whole group. 

  • The EU referendum official Government website
  • The UK’s relation to the EU, explained: in the 1980s, the BBC show Yes, Minister showed the tension between the European stand vs. the foremost British (English?) one. Also, lots of history involved in Sir Humprey’s speech:
Yes, Minister

Click on the picture to watch the video


  • What are the reasons why Britain should want to leave the EU?
  • How would you convince British people to remain a member state of the EU?
  • How would Spanish people feel the effects of the UK leaving the EU? (travelling, need for passports; it would be more difficult for Spanish people to spend long periods of time or find jobs in Britain; health insurance…)




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