Guy Fawkes Night / Bonfire Night

On November 5th, “Guy Fawkes night”, also called “Bonfire Night” is celebrated across the UK. Would you like to know what it is? Watch this video to learn about the origins of the celebration.

ASSIGNMENT (1BC-1E): Remember you have to go to Edmodo. Watch the video about Bonfire Night that you will find there, and answer the questions to it. You need to answer the questions by Sunday 6th November.


There is a poem traditionally used on Guy Fawkes day, which appears in the film V for Vendetta. You may watch it below (click CC the second time you watch for subtitles):

Kids may carry a “guy” around (a dummy they’ve made), asking passers-by for money, saying “penny for the guy?”. You may see it if you watch this clip from a British TV show:

People in the UK get together to see the bonfires burn. There are fireworks, and they may light sparklers. They eat, among other things, bangers (=sausages). You may see all of this quickly in this supermarket ad (click CC the second time you watch for subtitles):

 Last year, we even had our very own Guy Fawkes at school:

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