M11U5- Numbers

To introduce the topic, you may watch this video explaining how to read certain tricky figures:

You may also visit this website, which contains lots of detailed and clear information.

You may also listen to this clip in which some speakers discuss which their favourite numbers are:

Finally, you may listen to this news snippet about childhood obesity figures in Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands in the UK). Then, answer the questions about the clip:

Questions (self-check your answers)

On a different note, since this week’s unit is about numbers, and on Friday there might be people indulging on binge shopping because of Black Friday, I thought this could be a good excuse to talk about shopping, consumerism, and spending figures.

You have some idioms related to money and spending here:


READING: Spanish retailers gear up for Black Friday

LISTENING: How to differentiate deals from duds

Watch this video, and then answer the following questions (self-check your answers)

You may also watch this video about binge shopping (you can click on CC to activate subtitles):


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