How to write an email to your teacher- guidelines for students

Please, bear in mind these instructions when emailing me as your teacher, or sending me a message through Edmodo:

  • You may have a peculiar email address, something like”” o “”. This is totally OK for your friends, but please, for school, use a more “serious” email address. Suitable email addresses would be “” or “”, for instance.
  • In the subject line there should be a brief summary of what the message is about. For example: “Question about Women in STEM project”
  • There needs to be a beginning to your message, which should be polite. (“Dear Natalia,“, or at least “Hi Natalia,”).
  • You need to use stops, commas, colons…just like you would use them in a writing task.
  • Remember to use as many paragraphs as different ideas you would like to express.
  • Have you heard about netiquette? It’s the rules of politeness on the internet (what to do and not to do if you want to be nice and polite). According to netiquette, if you use capital letters, it means you are angry. So please, don’t write all your message in capital letters, or I will think you are angry at me.
  • Please do not use abbreviations, or informal expressions. I don’t mind emojis, but please, don’t overuse them.
  • Please check carefully your spelling, grammar and vocabulary before sending your email / message to me.
  • If you include pictures, word documents, audio clips, etc…these are called “attachments“.
  • Use “please” and “thank you“, please.
  • Then, when you finish your message, you should end it properly: Best wishes / See you tomorrow / … and then your full name and group (Diego Martín, 1G).


These are some model emails:


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