Coherence and cohesion play a major role whenever you are writing. In fact, they tend to appear as one of the criteria in most rubrics for assessing written output.

Both of these can be promoted through the proper use of linking words. In the chart below you can find a selection of linking words, roughly arranged by communicative function, which could be used for writing tasks in English for levels B1-C2.

Click here to open the chart

Colour code: 

  • B1: blue
  • B2: green
  • C1: orange
  • C2: red
*If you want to download the chart and customise it, simply go to file>download. There is no need for you to ask me to share it with you: everyone with the link can be a viewer of the document and download it. 

Some of the connectors and discourse markers include a link to a dictionary definition, to help students understand what they actually mean and how to use them in context. 

This is a printable display (pdf)  to be used in class: 

The level of the words has been checked against the English Vocabulary Profile and the Cambridge Dictionary.

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