You can find below an updated version of the grammar booklet I used to prepare for my year 2 Bachillerato students, back in the days when I was teaching Bachillerato. I’ve tried to bring it up to date, and I have added as many links to video explanations and keys to exercises as I could. It could also be used with B1-B2 students whose grammar structures need reinforcing.

I’m sharing it now in the hope that it will help students in the final weeks before they sit their EvAU/EBAU exam, or teachers who are looking for extra materials for their students. Most of the exercises can be self-checked, so they don’t need extra work on the teacher’s side (or not much, anyway). Many of the units are aimed at providing ample rephrasing practice.

The grammar points it covers are:

  1. Conditional clauses/I wish-If only
  2. Relative clauses
  3. Reported Speech
  4. Passive voice. Personal/impersonal construction.
  5. Have/get something done.
  6. Used to/would; be used to -ing/get used to -ing
  7. Modal verbs
  8. As/like
  9. Subordinate clauses: purpose, result, contrast, cause, time)
  10. Comparatives and superlatives
  11. Emphasising the message: cleft/pseudo-cleft sentences, inversions
  12. Gerund /it…to inf
  13. Too/enough
  14. Rephrasing practice

I’ve tried to check for mistakes and outdated references, but there might still be some. My apologies.

It has to be said that most of the material is just a compilation of exercises taken, adapted and rehashed from many different sources: textbooks, grammar books, websites… I couldn’t honestly cite the sources now, but I definitely do not claim authorship of the exercises. Extensive reworking has been made over the years, though. The links to explanations are all my own, as are the keys to exercises.

Click on the image to download the pdf file

Please feel free to share with whomever you think might find it useful.