In this activity we’re going to be dealing with social media influencers and their role in advertising. With your partner(s), discuss the following questions:

  1. What does it take to become an influencer? (What character traits, skills and abilities, technical resources…)

  2. Do the youth look up to those so-called influencers? Why/Why not? In what ways? 

  3. Why is becoming an influencer an appealing career choice for many? Does it bring overnight success or is it a long haul

  4. What marketing strategies do influencers use to sell goods and services? 

  5. Is using influencers more cost-effective for businesses than good old print/TV ads? 

  6. Are influencers targeting a specific demographic, or can their posts be targeted at the population at large? 

  7. Are you adamant that advertising through social media has pernicious effects? Can it have any upsides?

  8. Will social media advertising replace print, TV ads or hoardings/billboards altogether? Will they be able to coexist for long? 

You will now hear a news report on influencers and advertising. Read the notes below and listen carefully to the recording. In each of the spaces provided, complete the information required with ONE, TWO OR THREE WORDS. You can hear the information twice. You have 90 seconds to read the questions. 

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You can self-check your answers through this Google Form (you will get feedback to your answers: the reason why those are the right answers, and some explanations of key words): 

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Transcript (key to answers)

Video (clip + subtitles): 

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