If you are trying to come up with possible New Year’s resolutions, widening your range of language might be one of them. If you regularly use/ don’t mind using social media and mobile device apps, why not try some of these accounts and apps? These may prove useful to students, teachers, and language nerds alike:


  • Cambridge words (Instagram, Twitter)- official account of the Cambridge dictionary. A new word is suggested daily.
  • Merriam-Webster (Instagram, Twitter)- official account of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. A new word is suggested daily.
  • Collins Dictionary (Instagram, Twitter)
  • Dictionary.com-Word of the Day (Instagram, Twitter)
  • The Language Nerds (Instagram, Twitter)- self-explanatory name for the account. Language nerds and grammar kings/queens will have fun with their puns.
  • Susie Dent (Twitter)- Lexicographer Susie Dent has been a household name in the UK for decades, as she has been ‘Dictionary Corner’ on the game show Countdown since 1992 (the Spanish version was called “Cifras y letras”).  On her Twitter account she posts her ‘words of the day’ (truth be told, words that are no longer in everyday use in English). [for language nerds only]



  • Daily Dictionary (Word of the Day)- iOs (available for iPhone and Apple Watch)- if you allow notifications, you can choose what time of the day you are going to receive the ‘word of the day’ on your device. You will get the word, its definition, some example of use, synonyms, and you can listen to its pronunciation.
  • Word of the Day (Android)