(This mediation task is suitable for year 4 secondary students training for a B1 EOI exam in Aragón).

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💡 Remember these tips to carry out the task:

👉You are given a text in English🇬🇧, that you have to mediate into English as well 🇬🇧–>Read the task carefully, and, depending on what you are asked to do, use the appropriate mediation strategies:

      • summarise: describe the main ideas of a text for your friend.
      • select some of the most relevant points of the text: decide what is important for your friend (think of the context described in the task), and talk about that.
      • In all cases: REPHRASE: use different words than those in the text (use synonyms, explain, adapt the language…)- the objective is for your friend to understand the text you are writing. [He/She won’t see the original text, only yours].

👉Typically, you will be asked to write an email or a note to a friend.

👉Don’t beat about the bush—> go to the point: mediate the information in the text, and do not add any extra information which is not there.

👉 You are being tested on your MEDIATION skills (how clear you are when explaining ideas, how organised, how helpful to other people…): do not obsess about showing off how good your English is (you will have to do that in the writing tasks). If you can use beautiful English while being clear and organised, that is great, but there are no extra points in the mediation tasks for showing a wide range of language.

📚 These are some resources to help you write your mediated text:

✅ Once you have written your task, why don’t you self-check what you have done against these criteria? These are the same aspects that examiners will be taking into consideration when assessing your task.

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