This game is aimed at revising active to passive sentence transformations. The sentences used are about well-known artists, performers and musicians such as Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Bizarrap, Rosalía or Ed Sheeran, among others.

2-4 players can play this game. Every player will choose a counter/token. They roll the dice, and then they have to transform the active sentence that appears when they simply hover the mouse over the square into a suitable passive sentence. To check their answers they need to then click on the square. If the answer is correct, they will remain in that square; if it is wrong, they have to return to the square they were coming from.

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(⚠️ This game is best played with a computer and a mouse: the active sentence will appear when players hover their mouse over the numbers of the squares. The correct answers will be provided when they click on them. If the game is played on a mobile device/tablet, both the active and the passive sentence will come up at the same time, which will defeat the purpose of the game).

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More about the passive voice: