This is a breakout EDU game designed for C2 English students based on the following (fictional) premise:

King Charles has spent the last 50-odd years speaking out about climate change, pollution and deforestation. However, now, as “King Charles” he will no longer be allowed to voice his own personal opinions on environmental policies. You can see an example of his comments before acceding to the throne here: 

Click on the picture or here to watch the video

Fortunately, the charity he set up as Prince of Wales, The Prince’s Trust, may be able to continue his work without his direct involvement. At the moment, they are hiring 4 staff members to work in their headquarters in London. You and your team partners feel that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you simply cannot miss and want to apply for the positions.

Candidates are required to pass a series of tests to be deemed “eligible”. You can find them on the left-hand side menu of this site. Solve all the challenges posed and submit your answers every time you solve one of them to make sure The Prince’s Trust is registering your interest in the job.


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