#WomeninSTEM- Joan Clarke

This is the result of your hard work for our #WomeninSTEM project. Watch this video to find out about Joan Clarke’s life, career and achievements:

#WomeninSTEM- Hedy Lamarr

This is the result of your hard work for our #WomeninSTEM project. Watch these videos to find out about Hedy Lamarr’s life, career and achievements:

#WomeninSTEM project- organisation

We’re getting our #WomeninSTEM project started, and I need your help to organise your groups / pairs, and the products you are going to create. Please, go to this link and answer the questions on the form.

Remember we’re talking about these five women / groups of women:


Ada Lovelace, 1st computer programmer


Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood actress and inventor (responsible for Bluetooth, wireless communications…)


Joan Clarke (and many women working at Bletchley Park during WWII trying to decrypt Nazi codes). The beginning of modern computing.


Katharine Johnson (and other African-American women working as “human computers” at NASA during the 1950s and 1960s).


Amy Farrah Fowler, neuroscientist (fictional character on The Big Bang Theory)

Wallace and Gromit- The Wrong Trousers

Remember your assignment this weekend is to write a short summary of the film Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers. Your summary must be written in the past.

To help you remember key moments in the film, you may have a look at these stills from the film:

Hidden Figures-this month’s pick

After the success of our get-together to watch and discuss Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them), we invite you to meet again to watch another film together. This time, we’re going to watch Hidden Figures, a biopic about three talented female African-American NASA engineers who saved the Apollo rocket program.

TIME AND MEETING POINT: http://iesparquegoya.es/index.php/proyparquegoyalab/2874-2017-01-19-11-30-35

You may watch the trailer here:



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