Entertainment and the Arts- C1

April 23rd was English (and Spanish) language day:

Shakespeare Sketch (Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie)

LISTENING COMPREHENSION: Actor turned director Fisher Stevens explains why Leonardo DiCaprio has always been engaged with social issues.

  1. According to Fisher Stevens, has Leonardo Di Caprio idealistic views regarding the protection of the planet?
  2. Who inspired him to become environmentally conscious?
  3. When and how did Fisher and Leo meet?
  4. What was Fisher’s first impression about Leo?
  5. How many films has Fisher been taking part lately as an actor?
  6. Were they starring roles?
  7. Did he enjoy the experience?
  8. Does he find any problems as a director?


travel and holidays-C1

These are the materials and resources we’ve used in our class about travel and holidays:

Term time holidays: listen to this clip from BBC radio Ulster and answer these questions:

BBC news- Term-time holiday- What are the rules?



The Accidental Tourist:

Little Britain Abroad- Majorca:

Come Fly With Me- Life Jackets:

More travel and holiday videos: http://watchinenglish.blogspot.com.es/search/label/travel

travel and holidays- B2

These are the materials and resources we’ve used in our class about travel and holidays:

TRAVEL / JOURNEY / TRIP / VOYAGE: watch the presentation and then try this quiz

Vocabulary- drag and drop exercise:

More travel videos for you to watch: http://watchinenglish.blogspot.com.es/search/label/travel


Blog about best teaching practice- dgafprofesorado

The Department for Education has launched in recent months a blog welcoming contributions from teachers sharing teaching experiences with the community at large. You can visit it at http://dgafprofesorado.blogspot.com.es/.
We encourage you to write a post for that blog, summarising any experience or classroom activity you think is worth sharing and that might be useful or inspirational to other teachers. Don’t be humble, you all do great things with your students, I’m sure. It might be related to bilingual education, English language teaching, or not.

Besides, if you have implemented any teaching practice related to something that has come up in our CARLEE lessons or courses, it would be great to write about it, to let other people know that you’re putting our suggestions into practice, and to what effect.

If you write something, you can email it to me (natalialzam@gmail.com).