adendas convenios colaboración Trinity College London- Cambridge English Language Assessment

ORDEN PRE/398/2017, de 14 de marzo, por la que se dispone la publicación de la adenda al convenio de colaboración entre el Gobierno de Aragón y Trinity College London, para la realización de los exámenes de esta institución.

ORDEN PRE/397/2017, de 14 de marzo, por la que se dispone la publicación de la adenda al convenio de colaboración entre el Gobierno de Aragón y el Rector, el Director y los Académicos de la Universidad de Cambridge, mediante sus Departamentos, la Junta Examinadora de la Universidad de Cambridge y Cambridge English Language Assessment, para la realización de los exámenes de Cambridge English Language Assessment.

April Fools’s Day resources

Yesterday and today we have been centring our activities around the celebration of April Fools Day, which took place on April 1st. Here you may find the resources we used, as well as some extra ones.

April Fools classroom ideas (Edutopia)

Vocabulary to talk about April Fools Day:


Flying Penguins (BBC, 2008):

Spaghetti Harvest (BBC, 1957):

Kahoot about the video

Find someone who activity: with hoaxes taken / adapted from The top 100 April Fools Hoaxes of all time.

10 amazing practical jokes (Quirkology):

Tell the hoaxes and the true stories apart: 

Google Play for pets:

Hallmark-E, your emotional assistant:

Whopper toothpaste:

Lexus Valet Lane:

Virgin trains Tick Ink:

Honda Horn Emojis:

Google Gnome:

Self-driving car planning your vacation:

Why doesn’t America read anymore? 

IKEA transforming their in-store playground, Småland, in favor of sitting pods and tablets.

T-Mobile Onesie

Google wind:

Gmail motion:

Youtube is shutting down:

Gmail Blue:

Jameson Irish Whisky:

Quilted Northern (toilet paper)- Usit app:

This is, in fact, the only video which is NOT a hoax:

David Beckham’s son and tattoos

Brooklyn Beckham, David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son, has hit the headlines recently, as he seems to be following in his dad’s footsteps, by, among other things, getting his first tattoo at 18. Brooklyn Beckham went to the tattoo parlour escorted by his dad.

Read the news:

Honoured to have my first tattoo done by dads friend Mark Mahoney

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As we have been discussing appearances lately, this might be a good conversation topic.

  • What’s your take on this?
  • Is it OK for a dad to approve of his offspring to get a tattoo at such early age?
  • Is Brooklyn so young really?
  • Could David Beckham have argued against his son getting a tattoo, when he’s said to have some 40 tattoos all over his body?
  • What are the points for and against having a tattoo?
  • Are millennials obsessed with tattoos?



El CARLEE organiza el curso “IT IN THE ENGLISH AND CLIL CLASSROOM (SECONDARY)”, dirigido a docentes de secundaria, EOI y educación de adultos especialistas de inglés o que imparten su área en lengua inglesa. En él se trabajarán formas prácticas de integrar los dispositivos móviles y las herramientas online en el aula de/ en lengua inglesa.

La inscripción se realiza a través de DOCEO, y estará abierta del 28 de marzo al 5 de abril. En este archivo se puede descargar la información completa.

#WomeninSTEM- Ada Lovelace

This is the result of your hard work for our #WomeninSTEM project. Watch these videos to find out about Ada Lovelace’s life, career and achievements: