materiales taller especificaciones y recursos para prueba writing B1 (4º ESO)

En este enlace podéis acceder a la presentación de la sesión:

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signpost language (B1)

One of the most relevant aspects of the structure of an essay is signposting: giving clear indications about the content of your writing not just in the introduction, but in every section. Imagine you were giving indications to a driver to prevent them from getting lost: that is the function of signposting language. That way, your text will be much easier to read, much clearer.

This is essential, even at intermediate levels (B1-B2). You can find ideas of signpost language in the document below:

Click on the screenshot to download the pdf file

Materiales taller “El Companion Volume y las tareas de mediación en secundaria”

En este enlace podéis acceder a la presentación del taller “El Companion Volume y las tareas de mediación en secundaria”, celebrado el 8 de enero de 2020 en el CARLEE (Zaragoza):

Click en la imagen para descargar pdf

En estos videos tenéis esa misma presentación junto con el audio de la sesión:

Estas son algunas tareas de mediación, que pueden servir como ejemplo (B1):


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M5U6- travel- Heathrow airport Xmas ad

You may watch this Christmas ad from Heathrow airport below:

Can you list all the places in the airport / steps in the process of arriving home that these two characters go through?

M5U6-The best holiday ever

This week’s topic is holidays and travel. First, have a look at this short presentation about the differences between trip / travel and journey:

This Davidoff ad featuring Ewan McGregor illustrates this idea of a journey as the process:

You may watch these Lonely Planet videos about different cities and states in the USA (click on CC to turn on / off the subtitles in English):


You may also watch this BBC news item about Pompeii:


Finally, I recommend this clip from BBC comedy classic Fawlty Towers. The show is set in a hotel in Torquay, a seaside town in Devon, on the south west coast on England. In the clip you may find vocabulary related to hotels and reservations (and excellent pronunciations):


NI1- how to write informal emails

Watch this video for some tips on how to write informal emails (to a friend, relative…):

NI1- connectors

You may have some ideas on how to use some connectors for your writing tasks by watching the video below: