Can parents take their children on holiday during term time?

We’ve been discussing this case, which hit the headlines in the UK some months ago (click on the picture to watch the video with subtitles):

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The case reached the Supreme Court, and this was the result:

(Read transcript here)

Over to you:

  • What are your views on this? Is it reasonable / unreasonable for parents to take their children on holiday when they’re supposed to be attending school?
  • Do you know of any cases where this happens? Does it tend to be justified?
  • What is the effect of such holidays on students? On their classmates? On their teachers?


cursos “activación lengua” hacia B2-C1- CARLEE


Os informamos de que el CARLEE abre el plazo de inscripción para unos cursos de actualización de idioma (inglés y francés) que se desarrollarán durante el tercer trimestre. Estos cursos han sido diseñados para docentes interesados en participar en las actividades de formación lingüística y metodológica que se impartirán durante el curso 2018-19 en el CARLEE, y que deseen actualizar su nivel de inglés o francés previamente. La participación en esta actividad NO SUPONE en ningún caso la adjudicación directa de una plaza en el ¨Programa de Formación en Lenguas Extranjeras” para el curso 2018-2019.


  • Actualizar y mejorar el nivel de competencia lingüística en lengua inglesa /francesa para poder afrontar la preparación del nivel B2 o C1.
  • Familiarizarse con la metodología que se emplea en las actividades de formación lingüística y metodológica en el CARLEE.

Os rogamos que leáis detalladamente toda la información de los cursos antes de inscribiros: 

Pre-B2 inglés (Zaragoza) Información completa, anexo  Inscripción
Pre-C1 inglés (Zaragoza) Información completa, anexo  Inscripción
Pre-C1 inglés (Huesca) Información completa, anexo  Inscripción
Pre-C1 inglés (Teruel) Información completa, anexo  Inscripción
Pre-B2 francés (Zaragoza) Información completa, anexo  Inscripción
Pre-C1 francés (Zaragoza) Información completa, anexo  Inscripción

La inscripción en todos los casos estará abierta del 21 al 30 de Marzo.

lang activation

Brexit and linguistic politeness- listening comprehension

Listen to this report related to British linguistic politeness and the effects it is having on international politics at the moment. Read through questions 1 to 7. Listen carefully and fill in the gaps with up to three words. You can listen to the whole recording twice.

linking words for writing tasks

Coherence and cohesion play a major role whenever you are writing. In fact, they tend to appear as main criteria in most rubrics for marking / assessing written output.

Both of these can be promoted through the proper use of linking words. In the files below you can find a selection of linking words, roughly arranged by communicative function, which could be used for writing tasks in English for levels B1-C1.

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions- listening comprehension exercise

Listen to this extract and make notes of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions the radio hosts mention:

Then, listen again and pay attention to the way the female host reacts to each of the resolutions. Some of these expressions may be useful in an interaction, because they show interest in what the speaker is saying.

Key to answers


child left on school bus

Listen to this news item about a four-year-old boy who was left on a school bus. Without writing anything down, summarise the main event being described (1-2 sentences).

Then, listen again. You may take notes to answer these questions:
  • How far did the child walk on his own?
  • How does the boy usually go to school?
  • Where /when did the child get off the bus?
  • Who found the child?
  • How does the father feel about his son’s reaction?
  • What proposal does the child’s father make?
  • Have there been any consequences to the bus driver?
You can check your answers against the transcript.
More on the story: