London school closes road for rush-hour drop-offs

Read this article and watch the video about a school in London that has decided to close the road leading to school during rush hour to protect children from traffic and pollution.

You can also listen to this reference to it in a news bulletin:

(Or download here)

  • Does something similar happen in your school as well?
  • Do you feel effective measures should be taken?
  • How would it affect families and children?

Watch UK TV online

Gone are the days when you could watch BBC iPlayer online from outside the UK, and for free too (see how here). Watching UK TV on demand is getting harder and harder, ever since the new TV licence was introduced. However, you can still watch BBC and other UK channels live online, through these servers:

Along with that, you may check UK TV listings and times here, to know what and when to watch.



Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl

If you remember, some days before the holidays we read some fragments from Revolting Rhymes, by Roald Dahl. They are “alternative” versions of well-known fairy tales, written as rhyming poems.

The BBC has shown a cartoon version of the book this Christmas. You may find the clips with the fragments that we read below :

M5U4- Sport

This week’s topic is sport. You may download the handout here.

Listening: You may watch this news item about teenage girls in a rugby team. Then, go to this website, and answer the questions about the video.

Writing: Ex. 8 p. 48.

These are the notes I took during the session:

First day of school

Shonny is a British girl who is about to begin secondary school, just as you have. You may watch a video about her here (H/T to oppzgz):

If you click where it says “CC”, you will be able to watch the video with subtitles in English. It might help you remember some useful chunks of language.