listening comprehension- retelling Romeo and Juliet

Click on the picture to listen to a clip about a new version of Romeo and Juliet. As you listen, answer the questions. You can get the right answer as feedback:

Clip (without questions):

William Shakespeare’s biography- Edpuzzle

If you can’t watch the Edpuzzle video through Edmodo, watch it by clicking on the picture below, and then answer the questions in your notebook:

Ada Lovelace video

Remember you have to log in with Edmodo, watch the Edpuzzle video about Ada Lovelace there and answer the questions you will find as you watch the video.

However, if you have any problems doing that, you can watch the video here, and then write the answers in your notebook. This is only if you try everything and you can’t watch it through Edmodo, only an exception.

Link to video and questions