Can parents take their children on holiday during term time?

We’ve been discussing this case, which hit the headlines in the UK some months ago (click on the picture to watch the video with subtitles):

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The case reached the Supreme Court, and this was the result:

(Read transcript here)

Over to you:

  • What are your views on this? Is it reasonable / unreasonable for parents to take their children on holiday when they’re supposed to be attending school?
  • Do you know of any cases where this happens? Does it tend to be justified?
  • What is the effect of such holidays on students? On their classmates? On their teachers?


lost property and customer service

Listen to this story and then answer the questions in the form below:

Click on this link to see the form. Your guest code is YWPQSO.

When you have finished, you can listen again and read the transcript.

travel and holidays-C1

These are the materials and resources we’ve used in our class about travel and holidays:

Term time holidays: listen to this clip from BBC radio Ulster and answer these questions:

BBC news- Term-time holiday- What are the rules?



The Accidental Tourist:

Little Britain Abroad- Majorca:

Come Fly With Me- Life Jackets:

More travel and holiday videos:

travel and holidays- B2

These are the materials and resources we’ve used in our class about travel and holidays:

TRAVEL / JOURNEY / TRIP / VOYAGE: watch the presentation and then try this quiz

Vocabulary- drag and drop exercise:

More travel videos for you to watch:


M5U6-The best holiday ever

This week’s topic is holidays and travel. First, have a look at this short presentation about the differences between trip / travel and journey:

This Davidoff ad featuring Ewan McGregor illustrates this idea of a journey as the process:

You may watch these Lonely Planet videos about different cities and states in the USA (click on CC to turn on / off the subtitles in English):


You may also watch this BBC news item about Pompeii:


Finally, I recommend this clip from BBC comedy classic Fawlty Towers. The show is set in a hotel in Torquay, a seaside town in Devon, on the south west coast on England. In the clip you may find vocabulary related to hotels and reservations (and excellent pronunciations):