April Fools Day

April 1st is April Fools Day the UK and the USA (among other countries).

You may watch this SpongeBob episode to celebrate April Fools Day:

or click here

You can also watch this BBC video. It was a hoax (when someone tries to make people believe something which is not true):

more hoaxes

Finally, you may also read these texts about the story of April Fools Day:

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photo no.7- key

Everybody guessed that Humpty Dumpty is a character in one of the most famous English nursery rhymes. Well done!

This is Humpty Dumpty’s nursery rhyme:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

You may watch this:

These are the people who got the answer right:

1º A:

Cristina F.

Nacho F.

Lydia M.

Carolina P.

1º D:

Pilar A.

Ignacio A.

Samuel L.

Jose M.M.

Juan P.

Jorge S.

Ángel V.

1º F:

Daniela F.

Alba M.

Sara M.

Raúl P.

Irene R.

David V.


He can speak 11 languages!

This is Alex Rawlings. He is 20 years old, and he can speak 11 languages. In this video, he explains how he did it (and speaks in those 11 languages, including Spanish).

Katy Perry- Waking Up in Vegas

You can watch and listen to the song here:



You may do this listening exercise:


You may watch again this video about a “special” job interview:



You can do the following listening exercise:


You may also watch this:

Eating Out

You can do this listening exercise if you want to:


You may also remember this vocabulary:

food vocabulary

socialising at a restaurant

Finally, you may watch these videos: