recursos prueba certificación B1 inglés EOI Aragón para alumnos 4º ESO- mediación

If you are a student in year 4 secondary, and you are thinking of taking the B1 English test at an Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, the following videos and resources may help you…

  • to understand how the exam works and what you are expected to do
  • to understand what the mediation paper is about
  1. Structure of the exams- specifications, what to expect, what score is needed to pass the exam:

Guía informativa para alumnado- pruebas de certificación EOI Aragón 2019-2020

2. What is mediation? What am I expected to do in the ‘mediation’ paper?

3. Mediation paper- specifications:

Sample mediation tasks:

  • Mediation in writing:

Sample task 1: JK Rowling’s The Ickabog


Sample task 2: Five Facts for PacMan’s 40th Birthday

Click here to download the pdf file with the mediation task

Mediation in speech:

Watch this video for some tips on how to do the mediation in speech task in the exam:


Sample mediation in speech tasks: 



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*If you are an English teacher, you might be interested in the materials and videos from this workshop on the Companion Volume and mediation.


Entertainment while under lockdown- Speaking/mediation activities

These days, plenty of world-famous artists are livestreaming impromptu concerts from home through social media; theatres are streaming older productions for free…Is this going to have a long-lasting effect on the way entertainment is produced and consumed?

Here you can find some speaking activities as well as a mediation activity on the subject:


Click/tap on the screenshot to download file


Click/tap on the screenshot to download the file

These are some of the examples mentioned in the activities:

You may also like:

Mediation: talking about data in graphs and charts- examples

(Updated 4.3.20)

These days lots of figures and data are being used in the media to refer to the scale of the pandemic. If you have to mediate this information for somebody else in English, you may need this vocabulary:

vocabulary to talk about charts, graphs and diagrams

Here are some examples taken from Spanish and British sources:

Download the slides in the video here

You can also read this article:

Click on the screenshot to read the annotated article


Or listen to these clips:

With the number of deaths in the UK rising sharply over the last 24 hours, testing of frontline NHS staff is to start next week. 

  • *frontline staff/workers:
  • *NHS: National Health Service (=Seguridad Social in Spain)
  • *is to start: is going to start

Tests to determine whether frontline NHS staff have coronavirus are expected to begin this weekend, following prolonged criticism from health workers. Staff who are found to be negative will be able to continue working as the number of patients continues to surge


The Government has set out plans to increase significantly the number of tests for coronavirus. The aim is to carry out 100,000 per day by the end of the month. 



Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 13.07.08

Two of the most commonly used terms these days are flatten the curve and reach the peak. You have some more information about them here (download the pdf file here).


Mediation in speaking- C1: Operación Triunfo-cómo les ha ido a los ganadores del concurso

For our unit on entertainment, you are welcome to try this mediation task:

You’re on a video call with European friends discussing the cancellation of the Eurovision song contest, and that leads to how effective TV talent shows are at launching unknown artists’ careers. You have read this article about Operación Triunfo, one of the most successful talent shows in Spain ever. Summarise the main points of the article and the charts in it to contribute to the conversation in no more than 3’30’’.

[The length is a bit longer this time because the text is slightly longer than it should, and it also includes graphs (usually you would have 3 minutes).]

Click on any of the screenshots to download the worksheet.


If you think you are going to need extra help selecting the relevant information, or with some vocabulary, you may have a look at this annotated version

Source text

Taller: Mediación lingüística 101

En 2018 se publicó el Companion Volume, volumen complementario al Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (2001). En él se actualizan descriptores ya existentes en el Marco, se incluyen nuevos relacionados, por ejemplo, con la comunicación online, y se añaden descriptores para mediación lingüística. Estos cambios se han incorporado ya en las pruebas de certificación de la Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas. 

En este taller de dos horas de duración se darán ideas generales para comenzar a conocer el concepto de mediación lingüística, y cómo se puede trabajar en el aula de lengua extranjera tanto en secundaria como en Escuelas de Idiomas. Se realizará el 14 de marzo de 2020, dentro del CARLEE on Tour (Teruel). El taller será impartido en español. 


  • Actualización del MCER: modos de comunicación, descriptores 
  • Mediación lingüística: oral, escrita/ interlingüística, intralingüística
  • Ideas básicas para el diseño de actividades de mediación para el aula y para examen. Diferencias mediación/interacción.

Inscripciones en DOCEO hasta el 9 de marzo.

Mediation in speaking-love and relationships (C1)

St. Valentine’s day is coming, and whether you celebrate it or not, it can be an excuse as any other to practise students’ mediating skills. As the Companion Volume says ‘in mediation, one is less concerned with one’s own needs, ideas or expression, than with those of the party or parties for whom one is mediating‘ (p.106).  With this in mind, it is very easy to think of tasks where the mediator is asked to help/give advice to somebody who is having a rough time in their relationship, missing their former partner…

Two possible cross-linguistic mediation tasks for C1 English can be found below. They are aimed at developing the following descriptor:

Can summarise clearly in well-structured speech (in Language B) the main points made in complex spoken and written texts (in Language A) in fields of specialisation other than his/her own, although he/she may occasionally check particular technical concepts.

Click on the screenshot to download the pdf file


Click on the screenshot to download the pdf file



Materiales taller “El Companion Volume y las tareas de mediación en secundaria”

En este enlace podéis acceder a la presentación del taller “El Companion Volume y las tareas de mediación en secundaria”, celebrado el 8 de enero de 2020 en el CARLEE (Zaragoza):

Click en la imagen para descargar pdf

En estos videos tenéis esa misma presentación junto con el audio de la sesión:

Estas son algunas tareas de mediación, que pueden servir como ejemplo (B1):


Click en la imagen para descargar pdf

(Actualización 1.6.2020) En esta entrada dirigida a los alumnos que se presenten a las pruebas de EOI B1 inglés he añadido más posibles tareas de mediación oral y escrita, así como explicaciones para los alumnos sobre la estructura del examen de B1 y la prueba de mediación.