random pickers- pick a student at random

Sometimes it can be useful to pick students at random: that way, even if they’re working in cooperative groups, everyone can feel accountable for the group’s work; or if very few / very many students want to participate, they won’t feel that the teacher is always picking the same students (however untrue that might be).

Some of these apps and tools can help you:

Random number generators: Give each student a number. Then, write the number of students you’ve got (from 1 to 25-27…). Let the tool / app choose for you.

Finger pickers: students only need to place one finger on the screen of a tablet /iPad. The apps will pick a finger / student for you at random.

  • Finger chooser (Android): single mode chooses one finger randomly from all fingers touching the screen; ordered mode chooses a random order for all fingers touching the screen; and grouped mode selects a random group for all fingers touching the screen (number of groups can be changed).

Student pickers– you need to have typed the names of your students at some point.

  • iDoceo– spinning wheel- using the students you already have on your register / roster.
  • Classroom screen: type the names of your students, and choose.

  • Wheel Decide: type in your students’ names (or any decision you have to make).