Listening comprehension: surge in interest in women’s football

Listen to this extract about a surge in interest in women’s football in the UK after the female national football team reached the semifinal at the Women’s World Cup 2019. Fill in the gaps with up to four words. You can listen to it twice.

You can then submit your answers to get feedback on them. You can also listen again while reading the transcript below the form. 


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Sports in Britain

Olympic games- webquest

You have the questions on your e-mails, but just in case:
Deadline: 23.59, Friday 16th March.


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150 days to go- Olympic games London 2012

Tower Bridge opened several times on 28th February 2012 to welcome the Olympic Games to London. The event was organised to mark 150 days to go until the start of the London 2012 Games.

BBC news: