Hidden Figures-this month’s pick

After the success of our get-together to watch and discuss Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them), we invite you to meet again to watch another film together. This time, we’re going to watch Hidden Figures, a biopic about three talented female African-American NASA engineers who saved the Apollo rocket program.

TIME AND MEETING POINT: http://iesparquegoya.es/index.php/proyparquegoyalab/2874-2017-01-19-11-30-35

You may watch the trailer here:



Energy drinks

If you’d like to know a bit more about the risks of the so-called ‘energy drinks’, you may watch these videos:


  • Who is the doctor giving advice to?
  • A can / bottle contains … g. of caffeine
  • What are the consequences of so-called energy drinks, according to the doctor? Which are related to caffeine, and which to sugar?
  • What drinks does the doctor recommend?

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Sesame Street- Breakfast and fast food

You may watch the Sesame Street video about food again:

Remember to pay special attention to the important chunks of language.  (If you click on CC, you will get the subtitles. That will help you focus on important words and expressions).

You may also watch this other Grover video about a fast food restaurant:


Spelling Bee- rules and examples

If you’d like to know the rules for Spelling Bees in the UK and the US, watch the video below. As the year goes on, we will get closer to the real Spelling Bee rules! (click on the picture)


You may also watch this video about a 6-year-old girl who is so good at Spelling Bees that she has become the youngest child ever to compete in America’s National Spelling Bee. (click on the picture)


Watch it here with subitles in English (click on CC)