Jobs, house, etc- pronunciation exercise

Jobs vocabulary- key

You can practise the vocabulary of jobs by doing this crossword online:

jobs crossword

Types of houses

Parts of the house- Furniture and appliances

To remember the parts of the house, you can click here:

To revise the vocabulary of objects in a house, you can do this crossword puzzle online:

crossword puzzle

You can also try any of the games on these websites:

TV shows

Adjectives vocabulary

This is the vocabulary you should have in your vocabulary section. Please check you have EVERYTHING!

If you don’t know the meaning in Spanish, you may click HERE:

Play a game: opposites

Olympic sports- pictograms

The Olympic dream:

Ancient Olympic Games

London 2012:

pictograms for sports

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Medals along history

Athletes-  interviews

Day by day schedule


Virtual tour of the Olympic park

Games and quizzes:

London 2012 quiz

A tourist in London


Michael Phelps