Crime and the Law- related music, books, films and TV shows

If you want to increase your vocabulary to talk about crime and the law, you can listen to the songs on this playlist (or any others):

You can also watch any of these films:

  • Witness For The Prosecution (Billy Wilder 1957) [Good depiction of the British legal system, based on a play by Agatha Christie]

  • Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock 1954) [Alleged murder]

  • To Catch a Thief (Alfred Hitchcock 1955) [romance / thriller about a retired thief / cat burglar]

  • Take The Money and Run (Woody Allen 1969) [hilarious comedy about a petty thief who always gets caught]
  • A Few Good Men (Rob Reiner 1992) [courtroom drama about the US Marines in Guantanamo]


Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBC 1969-1974)- They had many different sketches dealing with crimes and criminals, among which you can watch:

Blackadder Goes Forth (BBC 1989)- Court Martial

Sherlock (BBC 2010-2017). Excellent show. Can’t comment any more.

Finally, Roald Dahl wrote several short stories for adults, some of which have to do with crimes. You may read “Lamb to the Slaughter“, for example, or “The Landlady“. You can also watch TV episodes based on the stories.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents- “Lamb to the Slaughter” (directed by Alfred Hitchcock, script by Roald Dahl based on his own short story):

Tales of the Unexpected (Anglia Television)- The Landlady (introduced by Roald Dahl):

Recent TV shows related to crime:

Big Little Lies (HBO):

13 Reasons Why (Netflix):


Watch UK TV online

Gone are the days when you could watch BBC iPlayer online from outside the UK, and for free too (see how here). Watching UK TV on demand is getting harder and harder, ever since the new TV licence was introduced. However, you can still watch BBC and other UK channels live online, through these servers:

Along with that, you may check UK TV listings and times here, to know what and when to watch.



Ads- selling strategies

You may watch some of the most interesting ads we watched today, focusing on the strategies they use to sell their product, and interesting expressions they may use.

BBC’s #LovetoRead campaign

The BBC has recently launched its #LovetoRead campaign, a campaign that celebrates reading for pleasure. It will culminate in a #LovetoRead weekend on 5th and 6th November 2016.

The campaign includes both TV and radio shows, featuring documentaries such as The Marvellous World Of Roald Dahl, with specially commissioned illustrations from Quentin Blake, and The Secret Life Of Sue Townsend, narrated by Julie Walters (the actress playing the ballet teacher in Billy Elliot). There will also be special shows conducted by Andrew Marr about George R.R. Martin, Agatha Christie, and John le Carré, among others. On radio, Radio 4 will feature dramatisations of Dahl’s autobiographies Boy and Going Solo; cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe will tell the “little-known” story that united Walt Disney and Roald Dahl; and there will be dramatisations of five classic tales by Dahl. On Radio 3, meanwhile, bestselling author Julia Donaldson will talk about the origins of The Gruffalo and the secrets to writing for children.

For further information, you may visit these websites:

love to read BBC

I love British TV at Christmas

Los fans de las series británicas no vamos a dar abasto estas vacaciones:

25 Diciembre: capítulo especial de Navidad de “Call the Midwife“. Imagino que al día siguiente se podrá ver en (legal, gratuito)

25 Diciembre: capítulo especial de Navidad (y, aparentemente, el último de la serie), de “Downton Abbey“. También estará disponible en

1 de Enero: capítulo especial de “Sherlock”, ambientado en el Londres victoriano de las novelas originales. (“The Abominable Bride”). Más difícil de conseguir, pero…

Además, tengo unas cuantas recomendaciones de series que me van haciendo, a ver si me da tiempo de engancharme a alguna.

Series para aprender inglés

Cosas que me han gustado en Twitter en 2014

Empecé en Twitter sin mucha confianza, simplemente a ver de qué iba eso…y cada vez me resulta más útil. El uso que le doy es exclusivamente profesional, cierto. Pero me permite estar “en contacto” y conocer el trabajo o sugerencias de otros profesionales, compañeros, profesores de Aragón, asesores de centros de profesores de España, traductores, tener información de organismos oficiales…así como compartir enlaces que me han gustado, o cosas que he preparado con el resto de la “comunidad”.


Como muestra, os dejo  enlaces de cosas que he descubierto a través de Twitter, me han gustado y he retuiteado en este 2014:

Aprendizaje lenguas extranjeras:

ESL – teaching English:

FLE- Français langue étrangère

centros bilingües:

Historia (inglés):

Metodología: Flipped Classroom

Cultura británica:

Lectura / bibliotecas:

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