Phonemic chart- listen to the sounds of English

If you want to try the same phonemic chart I used in class, and be able to listen to the sounds, you may visit this website (scroll down the page to see the chart)

If you want to download the app for your mobile device for free (iOs only), click here.

M11-U1 Feelings


Listen to Grace and Marie, two teenage girls, talking about their feelings about changing from primary to secondary school.

click here to download the exercises

You may have a look at some extra resources below:

  • Listening: Roman Holiday (William Wyler, 1953):

Princess Anna is the heir to the throne of a very small country. She’s on a tour of Europe, and at the moment she is in Rome. From what you can see in the clip, how do you think Anna feels? Try to be as detailed as possible, and giving reasons for your answer.

(You may also pay attention to Audrey Hepburn’s lovely RP accent)

  • Listening, Reading and vocabulary: listen to ‘She’s Leaving Home’ by the Beatles. Then answer these questions:
  1. Describe the father’s and the mother’s reaction to the event described in the song. Are they the same? How do you know?
  2. How do you think the daughter felt before leaving home? And when she did? (Base your answer on lines from the song)
  3. What expressions related to feelings and emotions can you find in the song?

 Now, you may read the lyrics to check your answers.

M5-U1: Multiculturalism and Globalisation

  • Speaking activities: click here to download
  • Writing assignment- you may choose ONE of these: either p.15, exercise 6, p.17, ex.8. or p.18, ex.6
  • Extra listening practice:

If the world were 100 people (some facts and figures):

Multiculturalism in food: 

You may watch this promotional video about Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest food markets in London, and probably the most renowned food market in Britain. There you might find stalls offering cuisine samples from all over the world. Try to take short notes of the different opinions reasons to visit the market expressed in the video.

You may also watch this British Council Learn English video about the market, which includes some self-check exercises.

#LondonIsOpen campaign: 

Sadiq Khan, the current and first Muslim mayor of London, has launched a campaign to emphasise that London is open and welcoming, no matter what happens after Brexit. You may watch some videos that show how multicultural London is here.

Boy- The Great Mouse Plot

If you’d like to continue reading what happened to Roald Dahl and his friends in Mrs. Pratchett’s sweet shop, and later at school, you can read it here.


You may also listen to it at the same time clicking on the link below: