Sia- Everyday is Christmas

Australian singer-songwriter Sia has released an album called ‘Everyday is Christmas’, with 10 brand new songs about the holiday season. The tone of the songs ranges from festive to the one in Sia’s best-known ballads.

I feel some of the songs in the album could be used in a classroom context, replacing other classics teachers themselves might be tired of using year after year. The videos for three of the songs can also be attractive to young children, as they use claymation.

In any case, here’s a playlist with Christmas-related songs, as well as Sia’s full album:

curso: herramientas digitales para profesores de EEOOII

El CARLEE organiza la siguiente actividad de formación, destinada a Profesores de Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas. Se celebrará en el CIFE Juan de Lanuza (Zaragoza), los martes del 9 de Enero al 6 de Febrero, de 10 a 12.

En este archivo podéis encontrar la información completa sobre la actividad.

La inscripción se realiza en DOCEO, del 12 al 22 de Diciembre.

convocatoria vacantes programa formación lenguas extranjeras- inglés B2-C1

Durante el mes de Septiembre se ofertaron 200 plazas a nivel autonómico, ampliadas hasta 260 posteriormente, para formación metodológica y  lingüística para llegar a alcanzar un nivel B2 o C1 en lengua inglesa. Finalizado el primer módulo de la formación, se han producido vacantes para los siguientes módulos del presente curso escolar, que se ofertan en la siguiente convocatoria, en las tres sedes del CARLEE:





En todos los casos, la inscripción estará abierta desde el 12 al 22 de Diciembre, ambos inclusive. Además de la inscripción en DOCEO, e igualmente dentro del plazo de inscripción, se deberá remitir escaneada de manera legible la documentación requerida en la convocatoria al correo ES IMPRESCINDIBLE LEER LA CONVOCATORIA COMPLETA. 



Listen to this clip from a news bulletin describing yesterday’s supermoon:

  • What is different about the way we see the moon when it is a “supermoon”?
  • From when will it be seen?
  • When will it be brightest?
  • Is there another term for “supermoon”?
  • How far away from Earth is the moon on this occasion? How far away is it on a normal day?
  • What’s the reason for this optical effect?
  • Do you need any protection to look at it?
  • When will we see the next supermoon?

Download the transcript

More on the supermoon:


Black Friday, online shopping and fraud

Listen to this clip where an expert on online fraud discusses online scams on Black Friday. Then answer the questions below:

  • What tools are fraudsters using on Black Friday?
  • What is the expert’s advice in the face of such tools?
  • How much was lost to fraud on Black Friday last year?
  • What should you do if you become a victim of this kind of fraud?

C1_Charities and people in need

Selfless good deeds don’t exist (from Friends):

BBC children in needWhat’s that?

Ideas for children to raise money in their schools:

source: Newsround

Kids say what they’ve been doing for children in need (2017)

Listening: The Listening Project- Children in Need- Bullying

Listen to the extract from this conversation between a 14 year old who’s been bullied, and his mum. With the help of the charity Kidscape, supported by Children in Need, they’ve come up with strategies to deal with it.


London runners helping others and getting fit:

Infographic to promote the Good Gym charity in Zaragoza- use Piktochart

Mr.Bean’s Red Nose Day: 

Extra listening comprehension practice:

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