Unrequited love letter

The exercise below was created as part of our sessions on love and relationships. The objective of this particular exercise was twofold: first, we wanted to show our students that pop songs can be an excellent way to improve your vocabulary. So we came up with this “love letter”.

Besides, it can be done and self-checked by students on their own, in case they’re not able to come to class on that day, or want to do it again some time later to revise vocabulary. The quiz has been created using GoConqr, which teachers can use for their own classes, whatever their subject may be.

Click on the picture. Then, drag and drop the words to the suitable gaps to complete this love letter.

Most of the expressions have been taken from pop songs, which goes to show how useful they can be when learning English. Most of the songs can be found on the playlists in this post.


Ada Lovelace video

Remember you have to log in with Edmodo, watch the Edpuzzle video about Ada Lovelace there and answer the questions you will find as you watch the video.

However, if you have any problems doing that, you can watch the video here, and then write the answers in your notebook. This is only if you try everything and you can’t watch it through Edmodo, only an exception.

Link to video and questions



CLIL classroom language- submit your questions

Muchas veces, los profesores de / en lengua extranjera no nativos tenemos dudas sobre cómo expresaríamos algunas instrucciones de clase, lenguaje académico o de uso común en el aula o en el centro. A lo mejor sabemos qué sería correcto gramaticalmente, pero nos falta saber cuál es el uso auténtico por parte de los docentes hablantes nativos de esa lengua extranjera.
En el CARLEE se nos ocurrió hace un tiempo crear un blog en el que poder dar respuesta a esas dudas, y poder compartirlas con el resto de profesores. De momento, vamos a comenzar con las dudas para el aula de inglés o de programas bilingües en inglés. Serán resueltas por profesoras británicas, e intentaremos también contactar con hablantes estadounidenses.
Para ello hemos creado este formulario. En él podréis hacernos llegar las dudas que podáis tener, por ejemplo,
  • ¿Cómo se dice “examen de recuperación”?
  • ¿Cómo se dice “siéntate bien”?
  • Para pasar lista, ¿digo mejor “take the register” o “call the roll”?
  • ¿Puedo decir “shut up” para pedir silencio en clase?
Intentaremos responder a vuestras preguntas lo antes posible, a través del blog http://clilclassroomlanguage.blogspot.com.es/. Agradecemos vuestras aportaciones y comentarios, que serán útiles para todos.

Poll 1BC- What was the best app?

London school closes road for rush-hour drop-offs

Read this article and watch the video about a school in London that has decided to close the road leading to school during rush hour to protect children from traffic and pollution.


You can also listen to this reference to it in a news bulletin:

(Or download here)

  • Does something similar happen in your school as well?
  • Do you feel effective measures should be taken?
  • How would it affect families and children?

Relationships: love, family, friends playlists

This week’s topic at the CARLEE is that of relationships, be it within romantic love, in the shape of friendships or family relations. To get you started, here are some Spotify playlists for each topic: