The Google site below aims at helping C-level students improve their writing, by dealing with the following aspects:

  • Most frequent text types: structure, useful language, graphic organisers to help you with your planning
  • Checklist for self-assessment
  • Writing tips
  • Most frequent grammar mistakes explained
  • Scary mistakes: a list of mistakes and errors that definitely should NOT be made
  • Frequent vocabulary problems and mistakes explained
  • Spelling issues
  • Colour code to understand my feedback

Whenever I give feedback on my students’ writing tasks I give them as many links to pages on this site as necessary so that they can understand their mistakes, or how they can improve any area of their writing. This is why this is a work in progress: as I realise there is something I need to explain to one/some of them, I add extra pages to the site or update them when needed. Please feel free to use any part of it you may find useful.